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SmartRider UK Escape breakaway safety stirrups
saved me from dreadful injury or even death!

Lesley Stanworth, January 2013
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Escape Breakaway safety stirrup

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SmartRider UK Breakaway Safety Stirrups

Welcome to SmartRider UK Ltd where we aim to make horse riding safer, more comfortable and help increase your enjoyment in the saddle!

SmartRider UK Ltd is the UK and European Distributor for the Australian SmartRider Breakaway Safety Stirrups. You can purchase them from this website by sending your enquiry through our 'Contact Us' link or you can telephone us on 07831 848467 OR 01332 781573.

For English style of riding there is the SmartRider 'Classic' Breakaway Safety Stirrup available in Adult and Child sizes. The Classic is made of high quality marine grade stainless steel that not only looks good, feels good but is made to last. It is used and trusted by top international riders, the New York Mounted police and many more.

For both Western and English style riding there is the SmartRider 'Escape' Breakaway Safety Stirrup available in a range of 8 colours – Black, Brown, Blue, Burgundy, Beige, Red, Pink and Purple to match your favourite colour scheme!

The curved stirrup tread on the Escape can help to make riding extra comfortable – people who have bought Escapes have noticed that their ankles, knees, legs etc do not ache so much when riding in them!

The Escape also offers a unique built in step ladder to help you get back on your horse – perfect for if you have to mount your horse when out on a hack and there is nothing to stand on!

SmartRider Breakaway Safety Stirrups will release your foot if you have a fall, and that gives peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Whilst our SmartRider Breakaway Safety Stirrups won't stop you from falling, they will allow you to enjoy the freedom of horse riding, secure with the knowledge that if you do part company with your horse, you'll do just that!!!

Horse Riding

Horse riding can be an extremely rewarding hobby, particularly when the rider takes steps to minimize risks.  As with any of the most enjoyable activities in life, it is impossible to eliminate all risks, but, by educating yourself to equestrian safety, the possibility of injury can be greatly reduced.

Research has found that most riders are aware of some of the safety equipment available, eg helmets, riding boots, gloves, protective body padding and safety stirrups.  However, not all riders use the full range of safety equipment.

Everybody who rides a horse, no matter how experienced, is likely to have a fall at some time, but they can be less severe when they do occur if correctly fitting safety equipment is used.  Most people would automatically wear a riding hat and some wear body protectors, but using Breakaway safety stirrups will give you peace of mind that if  you fall off your horse, you won’t risk being dragged, as they are designed to release the foot if you take a tumble.

Safety stirrups are not just for children – they are for everyone, whatever you do, however good a rider you are or however quiet your horse is!

A combination of knowledge of equines, common sense and caution is needed when dealing with horses.  About 85% of riding injuries result from a fall, so the best way to protect yourself from serious injury is by wearing protective gear and using an effective Breakaway safety stirrup that will release your foot in the event of a fall.

If you ride in a treeless saddle you will have noticed the enclosed stirrup leather attachment, so Breakaway safety stirrups are a must!

Stirrup Safety

For stirrup safety - wear a boot with a good heel to keep your foot from slipping through the stirrups. Not being able to get your foot free during a mishap is a terrifying experience and can result in the rider being dragged.

As an additional precaution, you can prevent dragging accidents by using a Breakaway safety stirrup.

You can be severely injured if your foot is not released from the stirrup in a fall and you are dragged along the ground.

SmartRider Breakaway Safety Stirrups are designed to release your foot in the event of a fall and a variety of styles and colours are available.


We are trying to compile data relating to dragging accidents, so if you have any experience of being dragged or getting your foot stuck in the stirrup, please let us know by emailing jane@smartrideruk.com.  

We would also like to hear from you if you have witnessed any dragging incidents.

If you are able to help, please tell us the approximate date of the incident, a brief description of the accident and what caused it, the extent of injury and any safety equipment being used.

As a thank you we will enter you into a prize draw to win a voucher for £49.95 which can be spent on SmartRider Breakaway Safety Stirrups.

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Hand made leather
Escape Breakaway safety stirrup

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